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Have your car serviced at Hovány Group service stations!

Have your car serviced at Hovány Group service stations! Your car will be in good hands in our garage, since Hovány Group is the official Ford service partner in Hungary.

Whichever part of Romania you are arriving from, you will easily find us everywhere. Our service station network totally enmeshes Middle and Eastern Hungary. If you only visit Hungary in order to have your car serviced, our stations closest to the Romanian border are located in Békéscsaba.

If you travel along to Western Europe, it is the most comfortable for you to stop by our stations located very close to route E75 / M5 in Kecskemét.

For easier navigation, please find the GPS coordinates on the bottom of this page.

Our employees speak fluent English, so you can contact them by e-mail or telephone to select the perfect service appointment for you and your vehicle. 
Should the repairing last for more than one day, we’ll help you in managing accomodation, too. 

At Hovány Group, your comfort is the most important for us. While our trained mechanics repair your car, we can provide a replacement car for you, with which you can drive around the city. You’ll have time to do the shopping, visit your favourite stores, or simply just eat out and spend quality time there.

Select the city nearest to your route and reserve your appointment today!

FORD Hovány Békéscsaba: 

Tel.: +36 66/523-000
Fax: +36 66/523-033
GPS szélesség: É 46.68516 fok
GPS hosszúság: K 21.04147 fok

FORD Hovány Kecskemét:
Tel.: +36 76/487-300
Fax: +36 76/487-333
GPS szélesség: É 46.88246 fok
GPS hosszúság: K 19.70089 fok

FORD Hovány Szentendre: 
Tel.: +36 26/999-300
Fax: +36 26/999-300
GPS szélesség: É 47.640501 fok
GPS hosszúság: K 19.065897 fok

FORD Hovány Szeged: 

Tel.: +36 62/556-300
Fax: +36 62/556-302
GPS szélesség: É 46.28192 fok
GPS hosszúság: K 20.16913 fok

FORD Hovány Szolnok:

Fax: +36-56/801-057
GPS szélesség: É 47.1760368 fok
GPS hosszúság: K 20.1821431 fok